20 December 2016

Project Moore and STIJL bundle expertise around smart cities

A smart city is a city which becomes more liveable, more sustainable and more attractive through the deployment of smart technology, for instance, by better streamlining traffic on the basis of data on movement patterns. The driving force behind smart cities is data regarding people and objects. This gives rise to questions regarding the collection and use of this data, even more so as devices become increasingly connected to the internet.

Who is allowed to collect this data and when? For which purposes can this data be used? Our clients want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by smart cities, but they also want an answer to these questions. For example, a municipality, which wants to include privacy aspects in a tender process for smart lamp posts, equipped with several sensors.

STIJL Advocaten is one of the leading law firms in the field of real estate and urban development. They have been involved in several innovative projects relating to the ‘city of the future’. By bundling our expertise, STIJL Advocaten and Project Moore are able to provide our mutual clients with the best advice possible.