3 January 2018

Project Moore teaches at MBA Big Data & Business Analytics

For the third time in a row Eva Visser, partner at Project Moore, will teach law and ethics at the MBA Big Data & Business Analytics of the Amsterdam Business School.

As Big Data quite often involves the analysis of large sets of data of a personal nature, data protection and privacy considerations are becoming increasingly important in this context. A large part of these considerations is legal: there is a constantly evolving body of norms setting out the legal limits to the processing of personal data. These considerations are, however, also technological and societal. Technology can on the one hand minimize privacy risks but on the other hand also restrict privacy rights. And what may be acceptable from a legal point of view sometimes may be deemed unacceptable by society (or at least requires careful communication).

Together with former colleague Ot van Daalen, Eva will explain the main principles of privacy and data protection to the MBA students and help them identify the possible risks of Big Data for privacy. In addition, the participants learn to perform a so-called Big Data Maturity Scan to assess the level of privacy compliance within an organisation, also developing recommendations for improvement.

For more information, see the website of the Amsterdam Business School.