Solution: Dispute Support

Protecting client interests when things go wrong

Barely a day goes by without the failure of a high profile IT project hitting the news. Milestones aren’t met, budgets overrun, or the technology simply doesn’t work. It’s an occupational hazard in a relatively new industry that continues to advance and change every day. A lot can be at stake in these complicated situations that are often business-critical. This is where an extensive understanding of IT is invaluable in understanding the technicalities of the relationship between suppliers and customers.

Legal strategy

In every situation, our priority is to focus on feasibility and search for a practical, efficient, effective solution.

To get a project back on track, we examine contracts to make sure a supplier is fulfilling its obligations as agreed. When necessary, we’ll enforce performance of the contract to ensure it is executed as it should be – or cancel it – to protect our client’s interests. This can be done out of court, but we’re never afraid to start legal proceedings.

Did you know that:

  • IT Projects are just as likely to fail due to an over-ambitious purchase process, timeline or poor contract drafting as a fault on the supplier side.
  • We plan for the best-case scenario, but always prepare for things to go wrong. That’s why we insist on inserting clear terms and a good exit clause in every IT contract.
  • While it can be appealing to prove your case in court, legal action can tarnish reputations and waste time and money. It may be worth considering alternative courses of action that can produce solutions satisfactory to both sides.


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