Solution: Dispute Resolution

Fast, confidential settlements to business conflicts

Sadly disputes are part of business. We understand how these conflicts can affect both sides professionally and emotionally. They consume time and energy, and can have costly consequences. This is especially true in a business- (and time) critical sector like IT. Whether a relationship needs to be fixed, or seems beyond repair, we can step in as an independent third party to resolve a dispute.  

We have comprehensive knowledge of the contracts under which IT disputes can arise, and extensive experience with a range of resolutions for such conflicts.  

As mediators, we negotiate between both parties to achieve a win-win solution that benefits everyone. As arbitrators, we offer a way to resolve a dispute outside the regular courts.  

Legal strategy




If both parties are still speaking, and wish to reach a solution together, we recommend mediation. This process is focused on repairing the relationship and it’s quick and costefficient too. It keeps parties in control over the outcome and enables them to make decisions that are tailored to their specific needs and interests. 


If there is no hope of restoring the relationship, or reaching an agreement together, we recommend arbitration. Not only does an arbitral ruling have the same legal force as a public court ruling, but there are three more good reasons for considering arbitration above a court case: 1) it’s faster; 2) unlike regular judges, arbitrators have specialized business knowledge of the IT sector; 3) the process remains confidential. 

Did you know that:

  • Our expertise in resolving disputes is recognised by our appointment as mediator and arbitrator by the renowned  Dutch foundation for the resolution of ICT disputes (Stichting Geschillenoplossing Automatisering – SGOA).
  • 92% of IT mediations registered and handled at SGOA were successfully concluded.
  • The entire mediation process is confidential and may not be used in any subsequent proceedings.

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